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Most Submersible Pumps can be difficult to install in bores and wells.

- they corrode, burn out and don't like high iron or salt levels.

- they usually require expensive power supplies at the pump sites.

We didn't like the expense and complication!

So, we developed the Superb, yet simple Brumby Pump

Do You need a Pump for:
  • Bores
  • Wells
  • De-Watering 
  • Mining
  • Land fills
  • Aeration
  • Oil
Do you need to run off:
  • Electric
  • Petrol/Gas
  • Diesel
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Manual

A Brumby Pump can usually be installed in a bore or well and deliver water in

well UNDER ONE HOUR, with no help or special tools -

Just about ANYONE can do it!  

Get one as a main pump or keep one in the shed as an easy to install back-up.

The Simplicity of the Brumby saves time and money. It will have you pumping water faster and longer!  

The Main issues with most Submersible Pumps:

If you've ever had a Submersible Pump in a Well/Bore, De-watering or other use, then you've

Fresh water, Salt water, Leachate, Iron, Slurry, Oil

probably had them seize, burn out, corrode away or block up.

Domestic, Mining, Agriculture, Aquaculture, De-Watering

 The Brumby Pump can handle water high in salt, iron, sand, grit and more.

  No water - no problem. Once water becomes available again, it'll just keep on pumping.

Removing/Installing conventional pumps takes a lot of time, man power and equipment.

That is costly, time consuming and in-convenient

The Brumby is quick and easy!


We like to keep things simple. 

The Brumby submersible pump works on the age old airlift principle, but is refined for optimum performance and ease of installation.

It is constructed entirely of specially selected, tough Non-metallic, non-corroding materials.

There are no troublesome electrics down the hole. No level instruments are required.


There is no need for power at the pump site. The Brumby is air operated, making it very versatile, as a compressor can be driven by virtually any source, such as electricity, petrol (gas), diesel, wind, the sun or even you.


Low pressure compressed air can be supplied from a great distance through cheap piping, saving on costly installation of power cables.

If you already have a compressor, it will probably be suitable to operate the pump.

The Brumby is easy to install and can be re-located to different sites by simply pulling it out by hand and moving it to a different location.

No support cables are required. The pump is light and can just hang on the end of the delivery pipe - usually poly pipe, which is cheap and available in great rolled up lengths.

The Brumby is ideal for low yielding bores and wells but can deliver up to over 8000L/hr in some cases.

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Submersible bore pumps/well pumps

Our Brumby pump is simply fantastic!

Several months ago we had reason to have a new well drilled. I decided that before I set the new  well
pump, I would do some research to determine the best submersible pump for my water system. I have been
a plumbing contractor for over 18 years so I knew there were three or four quality submersible pumps to choose
from. I just wanted the best..........


Just as Robust, almost as Efficient and very 
Cost Effective!

I had the privilege of dealing with Tom Kress when purchasing an S1 Brumby pump in South Africa during 2010.
The unit has exceeded expectations and I love its reliable simplicity. Theft of copper conductors is a major problem in South Africa. The Brumby has proved to be an elegant solution.  In addition it aerates the water, precipitating the iron as ferric hydroxide which I can settle and remove.


The Brumby Pump is working really well. The farmer is thrilled with it. The electric pump he had down the borehole before only worked a few weeks at a time before it needed cleaning. The Bumby has been going like a dream, send all you got to the UK! Loads of unhappy farmers pulling up cloded up electric pumps.

Many thanks

Paul Cheers, UK