DURING discussions with a business associate a few days ago, I realized that we have an asset that you may be able to make use of to seriously boost your profits if you are in business
We have spent years and a lot of money growing a list of thousands of clients, prospects and contacts and building relationships with people such as you. It dawned on me, that many people on the list are in business and could benefit enormously from connecting with other people on our list or even ourselves in the way of joint ventures or strategic alliances. 

What I’m saying is, that whatever business you are in, we may have a relationship with another business that may be a great match for you to work with in some way, share some resources, trade with and end up in a win-win relationship, so everyone benefits.

We have relationships with people all over the world and from all kinds of backgrounds. I know that many people/businesses are leaving a lot of money on the table and could benefit tremendously by affiliations with certain other businesses. That could be similar businesses in different locations, where they may trade each other’s products or share each other’s contacts. Your products and/or services can complement each other and everyone can boost profits by joint ventures or strategic alliances.

Business is not the way it used to be. Markets are now seldom local. Most businesses can easily play an international game today. The world is our market and with the internet and suitable partnerships, the possibilities are endless. It’s no longer necessary to just stand behind a counter and wait for people to come in. The internet allows us to reach out to where the people are. That is huge.

So, what I’m offering is to connect you with other businesses. It could be similar to reciprocal arrangements we have with people who have water treatments, drill wells, work at the leading edge of solar energy and agriculture in the desert or others. All you need to do is to send us an email, telling briefly what you do, where you are etc and we will try to find a match for you, ensure that both parties agree for us to make the introduction and the rest is up to you.

Your identities are confidential until you have given us permission to make the introduction.

We may even suggest businesses and ideas you may not even have considered that you could work and be profitable with.

This will cost you nothing until we actually find a good match to introduce you to. 
It does cost us considerable time and money to administer and to find the best matches. We offer you huge value and once a suitable match (or matches) have been found, we feel that this will be worth many thousands of Dollars to your business. However, we won’t ask for that much, but feel that $495 is more than reasonable. In fact it is a bargain and will only apply for one month, after which time the price will go up. So, you pay nothing until we have a good match and you agree to an introduction. You potentially have a lot to gain.

If you are in business and can see the benefits of joint ventures or strategic alliances, talk to us about more details. These arrangements have made many companies Millions.

There is plenty out there for everyone and we want everyone to win.

Please EMAIL US via this link.


Tom Kress

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