Performance and Equipment CALCULATOR

To find out what you require for your installation - such as Pump Model, Compressor Size and Piping Size please download the program (MS Excel file) by clicking on the calculator image and then fill in details in the highlighted boxes.

The program will then make recommendations for you.

Once you know which pump you need, you can order directly below if you have Paypal, or contact us us if you don't have Paypal.

 For an Instant Report on your pump requirements, please click on the Calculator and enter your water source details in the boxes.

This downloads an XL spreadsheet to your computer

If you have any questions, please contact us.


PLEASE NOTE:   Performance predictions are approximate and will change with varying water/pump submersion depths, and as pumping draws down levels

To Order

Once you have worked out which pump you require, click to order on-line if you have a Paypal account

If you don't have Paypal, please contact us

For more information including installation details, please click on these links:


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