Easy Money for YOU.

Help Yourself by Helping Us.

We have a great product and we want to get it out among more people.

This is where you can make easy money - regardless of whether you've purchased a BRUMBY pump
yourself or not
All you have to do is tell your friends about the BRUMBY pump.
Any sales generated by your referrals will entitle you to
claim a referral fee
of $70AU.

Alternatively you can get $70 off the wonderful products you may purchase from Aussie Wool Bedding

That's $70 for each BRUMBY pump sold via your referral. It's that simple.
The hardest thing you have to do is print out the claim form and mail it to us to
claim your reward. You can even email us.

Simple, isn't it:

1. Tell a friend who needs a submersible pump
2. After they purchase a BRUMBY pump, you send in your commission claim form
3. Once the 30-day return period has passed and the pump has not been returned to us, we send you your reward.

Tell a few friends and you'll start to accumulate a nice sum of money. All you do is just chat with people.

Can you make $70 for 5 minutes chatting in your job?
Probably not.
It may not be a huge sum of money, but it will buy you and your partner dinner or a movie.
It's $70 that you didn't have before

AND you're doing your friends a favour by recommending a proven system that will
keep pumping for many years. 

 Please feel free to download a commission claim form and printable brochure to make it all easy: 

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