How to Clean out silt or Develop a Bore/Well

Far more than just a Bore/Well pump
How I easily increased the output of my bore/well by 30% using a Brumby Pump
I deepened my shallow, low producing bore/well from 11 to 12m in just a few minutes and increased the water delivery at ground level from 
708L/hr to 1040L/hr.

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If you have a bore/well, chances are that it may not be as deep as it once was due to drawing in dirt from the water bearing zones and 
depositing it down the bottom. That can affect the performance of the bore/well by blocking off some of the slotted casing and preventing the same volume of water entering.
It can also severely affect most submersible pumps by blocking them up, wearing them out or burning out motors.

As long as the water in your well is not too deep (over 180ft or so, depending on available air pressure), you can actually easily clean
out your bore/well using a Brumby S1 or XS1 pump. 
It's simple.
All you do is prise the cap off the bottom of the pump strainer, tape up the slots in the strainer, so all the suction is from the bottom, connect water delivery pipe and air line, feed all the way down to the bottom of the well/bore, fasten at the top to prevent it from rising, and give it air. You can jiggle
the pump up and down with the piping and it will pick up the sand and silt and lift it to the surface along with the water.
If the well is quite deep, the weight of the piping will require a bit more care to be taken.
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10ft of silt cleaned out in minutes
I have a 70 foot deep well that filled up with sediment about 10 feet high.
It only took about 10 min to clear this out with your amazing Brumby pump. That’s a foot a minute and I only had a 1.5 hp air compressor 
I now have good water again.
Thank you Tom I’m glad I purchased the pump 
Wolfgang G
BC, Canada
Mud, Sand and Silt
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pump HERE
My well is 100 feet dee
Before we started our project we sounded the well it was 92 feet . Now down the well goes the Brumby Pump and on goes the air... The hunks and chunks of dirt/iron even electrical tape started coming out the end of our discharge pipe. After about a couple of hours.... And many beers the well went from 92 feet to 100. And before I would clog up my filter in a week. Now no clogging of filters and water clarity is great...
Thank you Tom and Brumby pumps....
Dave H
Ontario, Canada

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