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Operation of the BRUMBY Pump 

The BRUMBY submersible pump is ideal for BORES/WELLS, DAMS & SUMPS, de-watering, aerating, rural or urban when …

· Your bore/well water depth is at least about 1m (3ft)                                                       
· You want up to 8,000 litres (around 2200 US Gal/hour)
· You want vertical lift of up to 200m - or even more
· Your water source is a long way from your power supply
· Running electric cables is expensive and to be avoided
· You are tired of big maintenance and repair bills

Air is supplied to the pump by a small compressor. In operation the delivery pipe is only partly full of water.

That’s why BRUMBY PUMPS don’t require high air pressures to operate.
The air doesn’t have to lift and push a full column of water, so less energy is required.
The pump discharges water and air. That makes for a much lighter mixture than a full column of water, therefore less pressure to move it.

It Simply Works Like This:

More Air
(volume) to the pump - More Fluid/Water Out - (To a point)

Deeper Submersion in Fluid/Water - More Fluid/Water Out

Apart from being trouble free in operation, BRUMBY SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS are cost effective to run. Combine this with their durability, and once you put a BRUMBY PUMP down the hole, you should not need to see it again.

Remember the time, effort, money and frustration you spent pulling up other pumps because they ran dry, had abrasives pass through them, corroded or just plain wore out.

The BRUMBY Pump will just keep on pumping.

NOTE: If Submersion of the pump is less than one third the total lift height, an L2 or S2  pump with a Controller is required.
The Controller periodically interrupts the airflow to the pump, allowing it to re-fill between cycles.

If the water depth is well OVER 1/3 of total lift height, an S1 pump will be great.

If you are in doubt or if the water level may fall significantly during pumping, a L2 or S2 pump can be used on it's own and a Controller added later if neccessary.


To work out which pump model you require and what it can do in your situation, please click HERE or CONTACT us

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I couldn't be happier!


During these tough economic times it was great to find such a wonderful product, so reasonably priced, and so well made.  The light weight, the ease of use, no need for electricity, no moving parts to corrode, etc., -- all of these make the pump a truly great product!  Combined with the excellent customer service, I am genuinely happy & impressed!


Our Brumby pump is simply fantastic!

Several months ago we had reason to have a new well drilled. I decided that before I set the new  well
pump, I would do some research to determine the best submersible pump for my water system. I have been
a plumbing contractor for over 18 years so I knew there were three or four quality submersible pumps to choose
from. I just wanted the best..........


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