About Brumby Airlift Pumps - The Hybrid

Airlift Pumps have been around for many years and the traditional designs are simple and reliable, as they do not contain mechanical components to wear or corrode away. They mix air with water to reduce the fluid weight and achieve lift. Some of the great advantages of airlift pumps are that they do not require electrical power at the pump site, they do not wear away if sand or solids are pumped, don't have tight tolerances, so cannot seize or burn out. Construction material choices are diverse and can be made to suit different fluids to be pumped.

Submersion/lift ratios were traditionally around 50/50, which presented some considerable limitations. If water depth was in-sufficient for the lift, little or no water/fluid could be produced.

This is where the Brumby Pump is different. The Brumby is built basically in 2 versions, one of which is a hybrid airlift/positive displacement pump. When operated straight off a compressor, the submersion/lift ratio can be less than 0.3. That means that if the total lift is 100ft, the pump only has to be submersed in 30ft of water.

Naturally, the deeper the submersion (the higher the submersion/lift ratio), the more flow can be achieved.

If the submersion/lift ratio is less than 0.3, our L2 pump and controller can be used to deliver up to nearly 2000L/hr of water in many cases.

This is a hybrid system, which uses airlift as well as positive displacement by manipulating the air to the pump via a controller, which is usually mounted near the water source and contains electronic circuitry to operate a set of solenoid valves.

It is a simple set-up, which can be installed by just about anyone and does not require any electrics in the pump chamber or water source. It is entirely controlled above ground.

The controller can be operated off mains or battery power and the compressor can be located a good distance from the water source, doing away with the need for electricity at the pump site.

The fact that air is used as a motive force enables these pumps to operate off just about any source, such as wind, gas, diesel, solar - even human and animal power or any combination of these. That makes the Brumby Pump a very versatile solution for many situations.

Brumby Pumps are a great solution for many uses, such as water, leachate, slurry, oil and even aeration of fish ponds or stagnant water bodies.

More details are available www.brumbypumps.com

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