Manufacturing Business Opportunity

A small number of people/companies (6 to 8 worldwide) have the opportunity to become a partner of 
Brumby Pumps by controlling assembly/manufacturing and distribution of the proven and versatile 
Brumby Pump in their part of the world.
Manufacture/Assembly of the Brumby Pump can be very simple with the appropriate, specially designed components and procedures and most, if not all of the processes can be outsourced to suitable local businesses.
The required investment is small and the potential returns are enormous.
We are looking for motivated people/businesses in Africa, Middle East, USA, South America and India or surrounding countries.
The reason for doing this, is to get the pumps to the end user at competitive prices and to have local people take up ownership of their part of a great business.
 We have the Pump, they need the water. We need people like you to bring the two together.

Please watch the video and contact us for more details.

Please CONTACT US for more details

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