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S1 pump (SKU: X01-22)S1 pump (SKU: X01-22)The S1 pump is designed to fit into 100mm (4 inch) or larger well/bore casings. The pump requires a submersion to lift ratio of over 1/3. That means if you have a well/bore that's 90ft deep, you need at least 30ft of water in the bottom to flow to the top.
XS1 pump (SKU: X01-40)XS1 pump (SKU: X01-40)
FS-100 flow switch (SKU: P02-1)FS-100 flow switch (SKU: P02-1)
FS-200 flow switch (SKU: P02-0)FS-200 flow switch (SKU: P02-0)

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