Won't Corrode, Seize, Burn out....

Brumby S1 pump

 GREAT NEWS FOR PROBLEM WELLS/BORES, in fact ALL wells/bores and many

other applications.

A SIMPLE solution to your submersible pump problems:

7 critical reasons why the Brumby S1 Submersible pump shines...

  • Because it was designed specifically to operate in some of the most adverse conditions in outback Australia.
  • Because it cannot seize due to the bore/well being low on water or the water contains a lot of suspended solids such as sand or grit
  • Because it cannot corrode, as it is constructed entirely of tough space age plastics
  • Because you can easily install it yourself and move it from one location to another
  • Because it can be a long way from a power source
  • Because there are no lengths of piping and rods to disassemble, no power cords to mess with, no bits and pieces to drop down the hole.
  • Because as it is a light pump (less than 2 kg - 4 lb) hanging on the end of poly piping, it can be easily removed from a well/bore and re-located to another one in a different location.

  • If the water depth in your well/bore is MORE than 35% of the total vertical lift height or if recommended by our pump calculator, the Brumby S1 pump will work great for you. (if your water depth is less than 35% please click HERE)

    If in doubt, please CONTACT us.

    All you need is a small compressor, which can be located literally a mile or more from the well/bore site and run a cheap air line to the pump. Alternatively you can have a compressor running on diesel, petrol (gasoline), coupled to a windmill or powered by solar panels.

    The choice is yours.

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    Easy to Install


    • Connect the water delivery line (usually 1 1/4 to 2 inch) and the air line to the pump - usually poly piping, which is available in great rolled up lengths.
    • Lower it down the hole/water to the appropriate depth and fasten at the top (if the piping is not fastened at the top of the bore/well casing, the pump will rise up once air is applied)
    • Connect the other end of the air line to the compressor (usually 2 - 20 cfm, 5 - 12 cfm is most common and you may already have one)
    • Turn on the air.

    Wait a few seconds and...... WATER.

    The principle of the Brumby pump is very simple. It uses the natural lifting force of air to do the work.

    Pressure required is around 1psi (6.9kpa) per Meter or 3ft of lift (approx - reduces as submersion water gets deeper).

    Submersion in water should be no more than 65 meters (190ft), as this falls within the maximum working pressure of most regular compressors (110psi). If your compressor can deliver more pressure, you can go deeper for more flow.

    NOTE: As the Brumby Pump utilizes the natural forces of nature, for best performance and because it discharges a mixture water and air, it needs to have minimal restrictions in the delivery pipe and pump to an open receiver such as a tank.

    The deeper the submersion, the more water is produced, but more pressure is required

    Supply more air to the pump and deliver more water (to a point)

    Standard Brumby Pump models are designed to fit into 4" (100mm) or larger casings.

    The amazing Brumby submersible well/bore pump comes with a 4 year warranty against faulty workmanship and a 30 day money back guarantee 

    (note 1).

    What are the alternatives?

    • Digging an expensive trench to house expensive power cables to the well/bore site for an electric pump?
    • Getting permits and paying electricians to install an electric?
    • Having to use derricks, winches and man power to install and remove a conventional pump?
    • Replacing your electric or jet pump because the well has run out of water and destroyed the pump
    • Replacing your conventional pump because sand and solids in the water have quickly destroyed it
    • Replacing your conventional pump because the ph in the water is a little off and has corroded and destroyed metallic parts of the pump?

      None of the above problems apply to the Brumby Pump, which is cheap, simple and quick for one person to install
      (unless the well is exceptionally deep)

      How It Works

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      You can put up with all the above mentioned problems and expenses OR you can put in your order now and save time, money and frustrations and quickly get pumping beautiful water from your well, bore or other source.

    To order your S1 pump online right now with PayPal, click HERE

    If you have any questions, please email us at or Phone 61(0)8 9574 4525

    Delivery time to most parts of the world is around 7 - 10 days.

    Note 1: If returning the Brumby pump for a refund within 30 days, it must be in undamaged and as new condition. Freight is the responsibility of the purchaser.

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