How to EASILY Install a Brumby Submersible Pump

The Brumby S1 Pump has to be without a doubt the easiest pump to install in a bore or well.
The Brumby Pump is light, compact and uses compressed air to operate, so there are no electric components down in the water.

This is how easy it is:
  • Connect the water delivery line (usually 1 1/4 to 2 inch) and the air line to the pump -     usually poly piping, which is available in great rolled up lengths.
  • Lower it down the hole/water to the appropriate depth and fasten at the top (if the piping is not fastened at the top of the bore/well casing, the pump will rise up once air is applied)
  • Connect the other end of the air line to the compressor (usually 2 - 20 cfm, 5 - 12 cfm is   most common and you may already have one)
  • Turn on the air.

Wait a few seconds and...... WATER. 


 I couldn't be happier!


During these tough economic times it was great to find such a wonderful product, so reasonably priced, and so well made.  The light weight, the ease of use, no need for electricity, no moving parts to corrode, etc., -- all of these make the pump a truly great product!  Combined with the excellent customer service, I am genuinely happy & impressed!


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