Water To The People
Help us to help the Needy: people who can't readily get fresh water and either have to walk for miles, carrying containers of water, or are sick and dyiWater to the People Promotion Brumby Pumpsng because clean water is simply not available.

You can help these less fortunate people by spreading the word by email or facebook:  

We are donating one S1 pump for one for every 3 pumps sold under this promotion.
The pumps or the wholesale cash equivalent are sent to one of a number of reputable charities or not for profit organisations to help people in need to life giving water.

The Brumby S1 pump is very simple and extremely versatile and easy to operate, so is ideal for these remote locations.

If you need a submersible pump and the Brumby S1 suits your needs, please fill out the order form at HERE (if you have Paypal) and enter the code: 
"S1 Water to the People" into the box named "Enter your Discount Code" on the checkout page. If you don't have Paypal, please Contact Us for other payment options.

You will receive a $10 discount on your pump but more importantly, you will help people in need
You can help an entire village to life giving water that most of us take for granted

What to do:

  • Make sure the S1 pump suits your needs by entering your name and email address in the box on our Home Page. You will be instantly emailed the information you need to work out which pump is for you. If you are un-sure, Contact Us
  • If you don't have Paypal, Contact Us for other payment options
  • On the checkout page enter "S1 Water to the People" in the box labeled "Enter your Discount Code". That will register your order for our donation and give you a $10 discount off your pump.
  • Install your pump when it arrives!

Villager with Brumby Pump

Villager in South Africa with a Brumby S1 pump

A quick and simple installation of a Brumby S1 pump to replace an old, broken down windmill, and the people have good, clean water right there for the first time in years   
Carry water
People walking for miles to get water
Dirty Water
Dirty, unsafe water causing sickness and death

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