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The most versatile Bore Well Pump there is

Developed to cope with Sand, Salt, Iron, Low flows

Delivering water and cleaning out silted bores/wells all over the globe since 2008

What it will do for you - 
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The Brumby is no ordinary pump!

Unlike most Submersible Pumps, the German/Australian designed Brumby Pump easily copes with sand, silt, small gravel, iron, salt, solids and low flows.

- it does not corrode, burn out or suck the bore/well dry. 

It also pumps sludge and silt

In fact the Brumby Pump treats water right at the source by aerating it

- it does not require expensive power supplies at the pump sites.

It's simple and cost effective!

The Brumby is the only bore/well pump that is also designed clean out silt and dirt from a silted up well/bore to improve water production and extend the service life of any other pump

Great for:

  • Bores

  • Wells

  • De-Watering 

  • Cleaning silt

  • Mining

  • Land fills

  • Aeration

  • Oil

Can run off:

  • Electric

  • Petrol/Gas

  • Diesel

  • Solar

  • Wind

  • Manual

A Brumby Pump can usually be installed in a bore or well and deliver water UNDER ONE HOUR, with no help or special tools -

Installation is Child's play and just about ANYONE can do it!


The Simplicity and Versatility of the Brumby Pump saves time and money.

Submersible bore well pump
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