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The Brumby is no ordinary pump!

Unlike most Submersible Pumps, the Brumby Pump is great with iron, salt, solids and low flows

- it does not corrode, burn out and it easily handles high iron or salt levels. 

It also pumps sludge and silt

In fact the Brumby Pump treats water right at the source

- it does not require expensive power supplies at the pump sites.

It's simple and cost effective!

It is even great for cleaning out silt and dirt from a silted up well/bore to improve water production

Great for:
  • Bores
  • Wells
  • De-Watering 
  • Cleaning silt
  • Mining
  • Land fills
  • Aeration
  • Oil
Can run off:
  • Electric
  • Petrol/Gas
  • Diesel
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Manual

A Brumby Pump can usually be installed in a bore or well and deliver water in

well UNDER ONE HOUR, with no help or special tools -

Just about ANYONE can do it!  

The Simplicity and Versatility of the Brumby Pump saves time and money.

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Submersible bore pumps/well pumps

Our Brumby pump is simply fantastic!

Several months ago we had reason to have a new well drilled. I decided that before I set the new  well
pump, I would do some research to determine the best submersible pump for my water system. I have been
a plumbing contractor for over 18 years so I knew there were three or four quality submersible pumps to choose
from. I just wanted the best..........



I had the privilege of dealing with Tom Kress when purchasing an S1 Brumby pump in South Africa during 2010.
The unit has exceeded expectations and I love its reliable simplicity. Theft of copper conductors is a major problem in South Africa. The Brumby has proved to be an elegant solution.  In addition it aerates the water, precipitating the iron as ferric hydroxide which I can settle and remove.