Aeration, Circulation pump

Are you breeding fish or other water species that require Oxygenated water?

Do you need to circulate and oxygenate holding basins to keep water from going stagnant and toxic?

If you need a pump that will circulate and aerate the water at the same time, the air operated BRUMBY Submersible pump will do both.

The BRUMBY submersible pump is an air lift pump, that operates on low pressure air and delivers a mixture of water and air.

That makes it ideal for circulation and aeration of ponds and lakes to grow fish and other water stock.

The BRUMBY pump (S1 pump) is very simple in principle, having only one moving part - a floating ball non-return valve.

It is constructed entirely of non-corroding, non-metallic components, making it maintenance free.

It can even handle reasonable amounts of particulate matter without damage.

As there is no electric motor or power of any sort at the pump - It's all at the compressor, which may be driven by solar or wind

as well, system maintenance is easy and convenient.

If you need to circulate and aerate your pond or lake, the BRUMBY is the pump for you.

Water depth should be at least 3 ft (1m) for best performance. The pump can be built in different sizes


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