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1: How to easily control the pump and piping while cleaning out a bore/well
2: How the cap is attached to the bottom of the strainer and how to easily take it off
3: How to speed up the cleaning process in shallow water bore/well

If water is shallow and lift is high, cleaning can be very slow, or stop. The easy way to speed it up, is to have a drum or tank of water standing by and dump it down the well while sucking out the silt. That will raise the water level and speed up the cleaning. It should only take a few minutes to suck out a few meters of silt.

In deep wells, keep an eye on the air pressure to make sure it doesn't get to the compressor limit.

4: How much silt are you cleaning out?

When the pump has been lowered to the bottom of the bore or well, put tape on the pipe, level with the top of the casing for a reference. Then you can easily see how much deeper the bore/well is after the silt has been sucked out

5: Weighing the Brumby Pump down to Clean a Large Diameter casing or open Well with Deep Water

If the well or bore diameter is large and the water is deep, the pump may want to float and lay down, making the cleaning process difficult. This is easily solved by strapping a few pounds or kgs of steel angle to the piping just above the pump, or sliding the piping through a length of steel pipe before attaching the pump, to add weight. That will make the job much easier.

6: Easily removing the pump from the bore/well

When removing the pump from the bore/well, always have the compressor running. That way the water gets blown out, the pump becomes buoyant and you pull out empty pump and piping, making the job very easy - unless the bore/well is exceptionally deep and the piping is heavy

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