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The amazing BRUMBY PUMP was developed from an old principle, that had proven extremely reliable over many years.

The original designs had some drawbacks and we have totally re-designed them and lodged a new patent application. The new BRUMBY PUMPS are now considerably cheaper to produce, perform even better and are even easier to install and operate.

The BRUMBY PUMPS have many advantages over conventional submersibles:

Running costs are low. As the BRUMBY PUMP does not lift a solid column of water, the energy requirements are low – saving you money every pumping hour. 
BRUMBY PUMPS are extremely reliable - The pump is maintenance free. They don't corrode and have no problem even when pumping dry.
The only parts to wear such as the compressor are on the surface and easily accessible.

Extending power to a bore/well to run an elecrtic pump can be very costly. Huge savings can be made by installing a BRUMBY SUBMERSIBLE PUMP. The air supply can be kilometers away from your bore/well. You can run a cheap air line yourself.
Due to the versatility of a BRUMBY SUBMERSIBLE PUMP, using solar energy, wind or just about any other power source to drive the air pump can be an option. Utilising these natural sources of energy will provide a return on your investment in a very short period.

To find out more about how BRUMBY PUMPS can satisfy your water pumping needs in:

Agriculture and aquaculture
Rising water table
Low maintenance systems for domestic and agricultural use in developing countries

You can also be a partner in this revolutionary water pumping system and outstanding business opportunity.
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