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Wells, Bores and Pump installation

Low producing, high iron, high salt and high sand wells and bores are now easily produced. 

Medium production and remote wells/bores can also be produced, where before they were un-economic. 

The Brumby Pump is ideal for bores and wells - from very low producing to in some cases as much as 8000L/hr.

Depending on submersion/lift ratio, the Brumby can naturally find an equilibrium at around 15 - 30% of total vertical lift (pump inlet to delivery pipe outlet).

The Brumby Submersible Pump can be easily installed in a short time, usually by one person and without special tools or equipment.

See how it's done in this video:

The Brumby Pump is a Submersible pump that uses the age old air lift principle, but with a twist. It has been developed and refined to increase the efficiency and limitations of this traditional method of lifting water.

  • The deeper the pump is submersed in water, the more it can produce.

  • The higher the submersion/lift ratio, the higher the possible production.

  • More air flow (cfm or L/min) produces more water

  • Pressure required is a result of submersion in water and lift

Most small off the shelf compressors are usually ok to operate the Brumby submersible pump, except where submersion in water may exceed 55m.

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