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Brumby Pump Business Opportunity

For Sale: Brumby Pumps Business

I'm retiring and offering my Brumby Pumps business for sale. This is an operation that can be run from anywhere in the world, on a small or large scale.

Why Brumby Pumps?

  • Global Operation: Can be managed from any location.

  • Mass Production: Easily produce pumps using the provided tooling.

  • High Profit Potential: Very high profit potential for someone with an established network or connections with NGOs or governments.

Key Offerings

  • Tooling: Equipment and injection moulds for mass production of components.

  • Proven Product: Versatile pumps with a range of applications.

  • Global Market: Potential to make millions with the right connections.

Ideal for

  • Established Networks: Perfect for those with connections in water, farming, small landowners, and NGOs.

  • Government Contracts: Leverage existing relationships with government agencies.

Also suitable for

  • Smaller operation, who want to partly outsource and partly manufacture in house. 

Next Steps

Seize this opportunity to own a profitable, globally recognized business. Check out the short video below and Contact us for more information!

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