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XS1 pump - 750mm (2'6") x 90mm (3.5") designed for cleaning out of silted wells/bores, but also used where:

  • Water depth is and remains over 1/3 of the total vertical lift. The deeper you can submerse the pump in water, the more it will deliver.
  • Water level self-regulates by virtue of the pump's design and operating principle.
  • Delivery rate can be as much as 7000L/hr, depending on the water source, submersion in water, lift above the water, air supply and piping size.
  • Vertical lift up to 100m (300ft) is no problem with a regular 5 to 15cfm off-the-shelf compressor.
  • Submersion in water should be no more than around 60m (170ft) if using a regular 130psi compressor.
  • Particularly well suited for cleaning out silted bores/wells
  • Bore casings need to be at least 4 inch ID (100mm)
  • For more information please go to our home page www.brumbypumps.com 
  • Price in Australian Dollars

Brumby XS1 pump for water, silt and mud

SKU: X01-40
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